Photo Booth Fun 2015 - Various


2015 saw the introduction of the photo booth.

This has taken off better than anyone could expect, with young & old, here are a small selection from all the booth outings this year, It was really extremely difficult to choose a selection , I had 800 at one point.

Our photo booth is an open studio one, everyone can see everyone else & have a laugh, we can also have large groups photographed without being squished, we bring with us a large selection of props, wigs, blow-up toys etc. and we have SIXTEEN backdrops for you to choose from (some more popular than others)

Your guests all get photos to take away with them at NO CHARGE, we also place one image in a guest book which your guests sign, so you can see what has been going on, they will also have the option if they wish for a small fee to purchase key rings or fridge magnets.  

Thank you all for choosing a wonderful way to end your special days with your guests, we had such a laugh with each & every one of them :-)