Christine & Mike - Ramside Hall, Durham


Mike & Christine knew that getting married on an August bank holiday would mean they had to book everything early & so booked their photography package 18 months in advance, in fact they did everything well in advance having their final meeting with me in December 2014 ! (ok that was to save time on travel as they were visiting family close to me)

Immediately I knew I would get along with them, Christine's  bubbly North East persona, with Mikes Yorkshire humour and their ability to just go with it, we were all very much at ease with each other. 

Both had said they 'didn't really like posing' but would stand still for the formals - I should have known at that point it was going to be trouble !! 

The day came & an early set off for me as I had a 2 hour drive to the venue, the showers stopped & the sun shone brightly, the grass dried up nicely from the showers & the wedding went without a hitch ... well almost, there was one slight one with the bride being brought down the wrong stairs, but even that didn't phase Christine & we just did a rerun :-) 

The grounds were fantastic, food was even better & the best man was a huge heap of trouble (the nice kind tho) all in all a fantastic day & it was my honour & pleasure to be a part of it.