Gillian & Paul's dockside wedding - The Jurys Inn, Albert Dock, Liverpool


Gillian & Paul had booked me whilst I was on a 2 week summer holiday (in the middle of winter) in Egypt, yes even whilst on holiday I still work, and so our meeting didn’t actually take place till 6 weeks before their big day.

The discussions on what they wanted went well & relaxed them & gave me a clear idea what I was going to do, and was accompanied by an invite to join them & their guests for the wedding breakfast itself as I was going to be taking some images on the big wheel at sunset.

When the day arrived it was a beautiful spring, and by the time Ian & I arrived at the hotel, the sun was in full shine for the day.

Gillian & Paul had opted for ½ day coverage as their wedding was to be later in the afternoon & they wanted some sunset shots, upon arrival Gillian was already in her dress & ready & Paul was busy getting guests organised (even though there was still over an hour to go).

Paul has a very quirky sense of humour & this became evident during his speech with the addition of props & wigs to assist, and a lovely idea they had to keep guests entertained was table games, little boxes of quiz cards etc on each table, lots of fun & helped people who may not have known each other interact.

The final shots of the day as the sun went down over the Mersey River completed their day for them & were the shots that they wanted & personally I liked the most from our day.

Below are a few of the 600+ shots from the 5 hours we were with them, more can be viewed in their Gallery in the Wedding Gallery tab & the password can be obtained from the happy couple.