Janice & Tony's wedding in Rochdale - Norton Grange Hotel, Rochdale


Janice & Tony contacted me for a quote 5 weeks before their big day & were lucky that I did have it available for them.

It was clear from Janice’s questions after my quite was issued they were thinking long & hard about having a photographer, however on such an important decision no question is a silly one, we spoke on the phone & Janice advised that she had decided to book me during her emails to me, however I would need to meet Tony. So a meeting happened 4 weeks before their day & I was booked. (I would like to say leaving it that late in summer to book a photographer is not advisable, however this was for an April wedding)

At our meeting Janice commented ‘I hope you don’t mind we are only having ½ a day, its only a little wedding’, I knew she would be trouble when I saw the sideways glance at her & the single raised eyebrow from Tony, followed by his comment ‘oh yes we are only having 90 there!’ no worries said I your having 2 of us photograph we will get round you all.

The day started as a grubby typical April day, the type that you knew was not going to make up its mind what it would be like till the last minute. Upon my arrival at the hotel, with Ian in tow as my 2nd shooter the weather showed promise of at least staying dry for the day.

Ian deposited with a VERY nervous groom I headed off to find Janice & her ladies getting ready in the hotel, even on a ½ day I try to get some of the preparations if I can,

Sean, my other 2nd shooter, arrived just before the ceremony as Janice’s ‘little wedding’ had produced a list of 30 group shots required, and although she knew we would not get them all done, we decided to have Ian & myself photographing the groups in 2 places at the same time & Sean calling out the people required for each group & directing them to whoever was to photograph them. This is not an ideal way to do group shots & we do recommend no more than 15 as this can take 4 – 5 mins per picture & guests do start to get a bit bored after 30 mins.

But we managed to get 26 of the group shots, and whilst I whisked the bride & groom away for a few private shots, Ian & Sean took some of the couples.

Below are some of the almost 600 images from their day, the Gallery can be accessed with a password obtainable from them under Wedding Gallery tab.