Klark & Lee, impromptu preshoot - Leasowe Castle, Wirral


Klark contacted me via Facebook in March after I was recommended via Wirral Weddings group.

From the offset I knew these would be two guys I would get on with, Klark has a wicked sense of humour and after a few chats over Facebook & the phone, I was booked to cover his & Lee’s special day in July, with them adding the photo booth with a 1920’s twist to it for the night time.

And so it was that we met up at Leasowe castle 3 weeks later on one cool but very sunny spring day for our pre meeting, and I knew my feelings about them both had been right, they both have a wicked & cheeky sense of humour.

We had a look round & discussed where things would be done, what would happen on their day, the timings all the usual things.

Both had expressed nervousness about having photography on their day, and about a stranger taking their pictures, so, as I had my new 2nd Sean with me & my equipment in the car (we had planned on letting Sean have a practice with my equipment later in the day to get used to it)  it was decided that a quick impromptu pre-shoot would be done, just so Klark & Lee could get an idea of what it would be like on their day.

This, it turned out, was the best idea ever, it only lasted 20 mins, nowhere near as long as a normal pre-shoot, however by the end of it both guys had relaxed & realised that there was nothing to be worried over, I am just a normal photographer & they are a normal couple in love, both commented on how much more relaxed they were about their big day & were looking forward to having their pictures taken, in fact their testimonial for that day speaks volumes.

We can’t thank you enough for our engagement shoot, the photos are fantastic.  

Your approach during the shoot brought out our confidence and helped us forget about our nerves,  

This has helped us to feel more relaxed about the wedding day. Thank you so much Klark & Lee xx 

 Many of their images remain private for reasons personal to them, but here are a few of my favourites from that day, and I look forward to their wedding day even more now knowing that they are both more relaxed about their photography than they were before our meeting.